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Pop Up Booth

Pop Up Photo Booth

Our 9ft tall pop up photo booth in all its glory!

Shown here along with full props package and with signs.

Notable features

  1. It's tall dark and handsome.

  2. It's private ish.

  3. It's vegan and has dreams to be solar powered.

(Rumor has it we once fit 9 people inside during a wedding...)

Inflatable LED Booth

Inflatable LED Photo Booth

Our 7ft tall ish inflatable photo booth wearing a blue hue captured in the wild.

Shown here at an event with no props or signs.

Notable features

  1. It's tall and slender with 2 doors and 16 colors.

  2. It's private ish. Back drop optional.

  3. It's our go to for events 500 people +

(keeps the wait time short)​

Halo Booth

Halo Photo Booth

The Halo is great for Social Media events.

(It's a real space saver)

Shown here with a backdrop and signage.

Notable features

  1. Send pics immediately to your phone.

  2. Filters and Social Media connection included.

  3. It's great for all events, and greater for events that don't allow for 7ft and 9ft tents..

Combo Booths

You're welcome to have a large and Halo Booth at your event as well!

This may save you $$$ on a photographer , as well as a videographer if you upgrade to a video message package, which is great for your attendees to send personal video messages after their photo session.

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