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So you need a large 2 door 7 ish foot tall inflatable booth? 

It's basically a standing bouncy castle for adults.

We will bring it, and either light it, color it, or throw a backdrop in there if you select that upgrade... 

If that sounds like what you need, this is the package for you.


Life Pro-Tip, this booth is generally used for large events, its dual door system allow for optimal human flow, which translates to a fast moving line full of smiles. We expect you'll need 2 attendants with this booth, but we can suggest that when we talk about your event.

Inflatable LED Booth 2 Hours

Light up colors
  • We take 99 bucks as a deposit, and if you have to cancel we will gladly do a full refund, after all, we haven't really done anything but save the day, and we understand that things happen, cheer up, and maybe we'll get it done next time!


    However, if you fail to be a good communicator, and don't cancel within at least 72 hours of your scheduled event, you will forfeit your deposit, due to us not being able to book that day with someone else, I'm sure you understand.

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